Katja Ridderbusch Buchautorin

Here's What Critics Have to Say About “The Brussels Entourage”:

...this is a book that helps strip Brussels' image of prejudice and stereotype, a book that will hopefully find many readers..."


... Ridderbusch's book equally inspires and educates, not only about how the EU functions, but also about the unique ambience of this city..." HANDELSBLATT.DE 

Reading the book makes our idea of Brussels change and gradually come into focus. A one-dimensional or maybe two-dimensional image gains depth and becomes three-dimensional. The news-generating planet called Brussels, always considered abstract, flat and somewhat unwelcoming, all of the sudden fills with stories and gets a human face." DIE WELT

The book successfully combines information and entertainment. Katja Ridderbusch picks the readers up, takes them by the hand and gently guides them through the maze of the Brussels machinery. Along the way, she happens to write formidable journalistic profiles."