Writing, Editing, Translating

Whether your plan is to write a book, a book chapter, an op-ed, a market study, a product brochure, website content, a newsletter or a speech; whether it is supposed to be short or detailed, serious or bright, matter-of-fact or descriptive: Katja Ridderbusch writes, translates and copy edits for you and your organization.

She filters out and fills in, cleanses of the redundant and sets the necessary free. She puts your ideas into words and provides them with clarity, strength and color.

Katja will make sure the first sentence immediately pulls your reader into the subject, regardless of whether you’re talking about politics or business, science or culture.

With her competence and creative journalistic approach, her enthusiasm for our project and her positive attitude, she fit perfectly into our team and greatly contributed to the project’s success. Thank you, Katja, for your dedication!"

Michael Höfig, Goethe-Institut New York, United States