Media Training

Agatha Christie once said she didn't like journalists, so she let them all die in her novels.

If you can't exercise the same option, you might study how journalists work: What questions they ask; which facts and figures they want; which messages they pick up and which they ignore; how they build their story-lines.

In interactive workshops, with camera operators and interview simulations, Katja Ridderbusch and her network of partners (all professional journalists and seasoned PR experts) help you understand how to prepare for interactions with journalists, stay in control of an interview and benefit from a relationship with the media. Because communicating with a journalist means communicating with much wider audiences, including customers, prospective clients, investors, shareholders, reviewers and sponsors.



Presentation Skills Training

Whether it’s 30 seconds or 30 minutes, and whether it’s a panel discussion, project pitch or keynote presentation, take advantage of the opportunity that your public appearance affords you to tell your story and place your message.

Katja Ridderbusch and her network of partners, all seasoned journalists, PR professionals and communication skills coaches, will help build your confidence as a public speaker and provide you with the necessary tools to make your public appearance a success  – from body language and voice relaxation techniques to preparation tips. A camera team records the exercises, which are then jointly analyzed and discussed. Images, after all, are stronger than 1,000 words.

Katja Ridderbusch did a fantastic job for us on the FameLab Masterclass. The FameLab Germany finalists came to Berlin for an intensive two-day bilingual professional media and presentation skills training course. Katja was a great addition to the FameLab training team; enthusiastic and very well-prepared. The feedback from all participants was excellent; they said the course was exactly the right mix of practice and theory, useful but also interactive and fun."

Ailsa Kienberger - Project Manager, British Council, Berlin, Germany